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From: Family Sumroy [family@sumroy.com]

To: Trip List

Subject: "The Great Outdoors"

Sent: Tuesday, June 4 2002


This update is dedicated to Grandma (Great Grandma) Ray who died this week age 91.  We all loved her and will miss her.
We write from California, the 20th and last state on our trip.  Last time we mentioned that we had traveled through Arizona, Utah and Nevada with Rhoanna and Jon's parents.  The photos are now up on the site www.sumroy.com.  We:
bullet Flew in helicopters over the Grand Canyon
bullet Rode horses to a nighttime cowboy bonfire
bullet Spent four wonderful days in a house boat on Lake Powell for Jon and Rhoanna's 10th anniversary
bullet Hiked through Monument valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon
bullet Took a Quad motorbike trek
bullet and saw the sights of Las Vegas (Gidon was the star of a Las Vegas Show)
It is impossible to describe the amazing US National Parks.  We are so lucky to have had the opportunity and lots of time to explore them:
bulletThe monoliths of Monument Valley
bulletThe serene splendor of Lake Powell
bulletThe haunting 'hoodoos' of Bryce Canyon
bulletThe breathtaking magnificence of Zion Canyon
There are lots of photos on these pages, many simple holiday snaps to share with our parents, but there are also a number to help you appreciate the spectacular outdoors.
Even after the parents went home, we continued to explore the Californian parks: Death Valley, Inyo National Forrest (with the earth's oldest trees), Mono Basin National Forrest, The Senora Pass (where we were snowed in!!) and Yosemite.  All this will be added to the web site soon.
And now the end in near.  As we make our way down the West Coast from San Francisco, we find 'real life' banging hard on the RV door; home, school, work, security (right now the news is of another Homicide Bomber in Israel). 
We are sure there will be one more update before the end.  Stay tuned ...
Rhoanna, Jon, Ilan, Gidon and Tal