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From: Family Sumroy [family@sumroy.com]

To: Trip List

Subject: "The Time of Our Lives"

Sent: Tuesday, May 14 2002



It's six weeks since we last wrote ... We have several great excuses, not least some technical hitches which are now behind us, but primarily we have been having too good a time to sit still to update the web site and write ... Sorry.  The web-site is now beautiful.  Fully reworked, with a new
home page, which is more informative and easier to use.  Also, you can now click on links directly from this e-mail to see things (like this picture of Jon's moustache).

When we wrote on
April 4th, we had done 1,716 miles through 6 states and been on the road for 5 weeks.  Now we have:
bulletDriven 5,963 miles
bulletVisited 18 states
bulletEnjoyed 10 weeks on the road
The web-site is nearly up-to date.  We have spent the last 2-weeks with Jon and Rhoanna's parents who flew out to join the Arizona, Utah, Nevada legs.  We have:
bulletFlown in helicopters over the Grand Canyon
bulletRidden horses to a nighttime cowboy bonfire
bulletSpent four wonderful days in a house boat on Lake Powell for Jon and Rhoanna's 10th anniversary
bulletHiked through Monument valley, Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon
bulletTaken a Quad motorbike trek
bulletand seen the sights of Las Vegas
Thankfully, they left today ... I don't think we could keep up with them for much longer!  Having said all of that, none of this is on the web-site yet, we are working on it now.  In the mean time, please enjoy the words and pictures from the 8 new States, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico.  The list of things we have done is amazing; please spend a few minutes poking around.  Some highlights for us are:

NASA's Research and Development facility was in Alabama


Ivy Green (Birthplace of Helen Keller), Tuscumbia, Alabama


Home of "The King" - Graceland, Memphis - read Jon's Story


Gidon's Birthday (we could have added Jon's birthday ... but no one remembered!)


Disaster in Texas and the resulting 'holiday' on Galveston Island


'The Land of Fire and Ice', El Malpais National Monument, New Mexico

But there is so much more.

To celebrate the new site, and influenced by our stay in Las Vegas ... YOU CAN WIN $1-MILLION, PLEASE SEE THE HOME PAGE  (but make sure you read all the rules carefully).


Please keep in touch.


All our love ...


The Traveling Sumroys