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From: Family Sumroy [family@sumroy.com]

To: Trip List

Subject: "A Little Bit of Paradise"

Sent: Sunday, April 7 2002


Since the last update, we've 'done' Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina (sort of) and Georgia. We're off to Alabama in the morning and should be in Tennessee by the weekend ... Phew!

We have had great fun and adventures, Peasch and of course it's all at www.sumroy.com for you see. This time the pictures are slightly larger and there are slightly fewer of them for each stop. You see, we do respond to your feedback (especially if Rhoanna agrees with it). Sorry, but we lost a load of your feedback on the guest pages, so please feel free to leave it again. Thanks Dani and Stephen Bush Esq. for already retyping. You may also notice the new, cleaner design. Finally on the technical stuff, we filled our free 20Mb of web space after 1-month! So now we are paying, please have a look occasionally so we feel it's worth the money.

I'd normally run through things in a chronological order, but I have to start with something from the end of our North Carolina stay. There are always issues traveling with little ones. How can we keep everyone interested? Too many interactive kid museums and Rho and I would be getting a bit fidgety. Too much Civil War and British Colonialism and ... well you get the idea. Our biggest worry ... the US has some stunning outdoors and we (Rho and me) want to see it. Half way through a long hard hike (so it turned out) Gidon turned to me and said "Daddy, this really is a little piece of paradise", and off he ran.

We have never doubted that this trip is the right thing to do, even though we took the kids out of school (definitely frowned upon by the Brits in the audience). But in the month we have been on the road so far, we have all experience so many fun, educational, stimulating activities. We have lived as a family and are all seeing each other in many new ways. We are all growing and, when a 4 (and 3-quarter year old) can really surprise you by enjoying everything and articulating himself so well, it makes it very special.

Some highlights from the last three weeks:

O Rhoanna's first try at driving (very successfully, I prefer to watch cartoons with the kids anyway)

O A double blow-out on the rear right axle (more details on the Fredericksburg, VA page)

O Jon's moustache - the 'Wild West' Cowboy look for later in the trip. Current votes:

- Jon ... Yes

- Ilan ... Yes

- Rhoanna ... No ("... you look like the 'Police Man' from the Village People." And "KEEP AWAY!!")

- Gidon ... No

- Tal ... Difficult to tell but keeps putting his finger in my nostrils

What do you think? Send comments to moustache@sumroy.com

What a lovely Pesach ...

Rabbi Rafi Davidovitch, his wife Dina and 2 year-old daughter Shalva, invited us to their house for the Seder. We parked in the shul parking lot ... ten meters from both the shul for services and their house ... for food. They also bought us Kosher-for-Pesach food, which turned out to be much harder to find in Virginia than we had expected. Their congregation, "Adath Jeshurun" in Newport News made us very welcome. We really enjoyed the hospitality, the people we met and the short time together.

And that's it for now. I didn't manage to get the South Carolina and Georgia picture up this time, it's 3am. They will be there soon. So a special thanks to the Westheimers from Atlanta GA. Thanks for inviting us to break Pesach with you and the kids, and for Shabbat dinner. Next time we move to the US, we'll come further South!


The Traveling Sumroy's