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From: Family Sumroy [family@sumroy.com]

To: Trip List

Subject: "Sumroy Update"

Sent: Wednesday, March 20 2002

Hi ...

Wow - exactly 14-days ago, just 2-weeks ... We sold and moved out of our house and hit the road. It seems so much longer ago. We have 'done' Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland and will be leaving Washington DC after 5 days, in the morning for Virginia (for Pesach) and then further on south through the Carolinas.

Highlights ... Baltimore was a pleasant surprise, hot sun and good fun ... Felt like we were on holiday (wait a minute, we were!). And DC with the kids has been great, we are enjoying it and learning all the time, each at his own level. The Holocaust Museum is a must; the "Daniel's Story" exhibit, made even difficult days relevant for Ilan and Gidon. I must say, the first 336 hours together in a box on wheels has been easy. Yes we keep getting lost and 3-point-turns with a 31-foot rear-end takes some practice, but I'm getting there and Rhoanna is a good navigator. If I listened more often than I relied on the Microsoft Map program on my PC, we'd be better off. Yes we argue, but surprisingly little. The boys have mastered one of the GameBoy games and lost the other (!@#$%) so please mail your used ones to us ASAP.


We have ...

Driven about 900 Miles

Taken 358 Photos

Stayed overnight ...

O in parking lots 7 times (5 in Wal-Mart ... Thanks Sam)

O on streets 2

O in campsites 3

O and with the Rabinowitz's 2

Logging on has proved more difficult on the road that I thought. This is more to do with being bothered to find the time than any technical issues. But whenever I pass a Kinko's print shop I go in and they give you a free broadband connection, so that is where I am now (1:55am!) and will be for a few hours, while I upload 2 weeks of photos to the web site.

Please take a look www.sumroy.com ... and donít forget to write. We do get them eventually.

Love to all

The Traveling Sumroys