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11 April




Some pictures:

It was Gidon's 5th Birthday and we celebrated in the Graceland parking lot.  He has been desperate for a Piniata ever since he started going to birthday parties in US, so we obliged with a red car stuffed with Hershey chocolates.  It helped distract from that fact that his party consisted of a 2-year old, a 7-year old and 2 old farts. Click here for the pictures.


Jon wanted to go to Graceland, our only stop in Tennessee.  This is his story.

"I remember in 1975, age 8, watching a news report on a man called Elvis Presley "... his latest album is real, old-fashioned rock and roll" ended the segment.  So I persuaded dad to take me to HMV and I asked for Elvis Presley's new album "Real, old-fashioned rock and roll". When the confusion was sorted out, I left with a copy of "Elvis Live in Madison Square Gardens".  And so began a brief period of infatuation with The King.

I was in Scotland (caravanning with the family as it happens) when he died (or killed himself, or disappeared changing his identity; depending on which version you believe).  The most upset person I remember was Mrs. Appleyard, our cleaner.  She was a real Elvis fan, she bought me two Elvis LPs for my Bar Mitzvah, and then proceeded to listen to them every Tuesday while she worked at our house.  For years after, Mrs. Appleyard talked about her plans to visit Graceland and eventually she did, but I had moved on by then to Queen, Dexy's Midnight Runners and Sham 69, to be that interested.

But you know how it is.  We were so close and so we detoured a couple of hundred miles and rolled down Elvis Presley Boulevard to Graceland, in Memphis Tennessee (listening to the Paul Simon song of the same name.

Graceland is surprisingly modest and the tour was fun.  It is amazing how the song come flooding back into the forefront of your consciousness.  Obviously Elvis is painted in the most positive light, but the 10-second summary goes like this.  He was a humble boy with an amazing talent.  The fame went to his head over the last ten years of his life and he began to believe the hype eventually turning into a fat joke on the stages of Las Vegas and killed himself with too many pills.  Shame really.

Graceland is a bit shabby now and the whole thing (including gift shops) smells of moth-balls.  But is was great and we drove off into Mississippi with a new CD listening to The King.

They don't allow flash photography, so most of the snaps from the inside of the house are a bit dark.  But they are here anyway.


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