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Duke Power's World of Energy, Seneca


3 April


South Carolina


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We didn't really 'do' South Carolina - just traveled through the top, left corner to get from North Carolina to Georgia.  But we did pass "Duke Power's World of Energy" in Seneca, so we thought it was worth a stop.  It offered a very well designed explanation of different conventional power plants (hydroelectric, oil/coal, etc.) Duke Power operate all these types of generating plant as well as the Oconee nuclear one.  Once again, we all learned something.

We had expected a biased explanation of the beauty, and human benefits of Nuclear Power and we were not too disappointed.  There was a constant theme of the environmental benefits and safety of nuclear power, e.g. the fact that you are exposed to more radiation in you breakfast cereal than if you live within 2-miles of the facility.  But they have created a beautiful nature walk and picnic area in the area, so they must be right ... no? are we missing something ... ?


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