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9 to 13 May




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What a difference following the last few weeks of the great US outdoors.  Las Vegas is  the premiere entertainment destination in the world (they claim) and it is definitely geared up for that.

Vegas with kids is a bit different but we all had great fun.  The amazing themed hotels are almost unbelievable; Venice and Paris a block apart.  The shows are exciting whether it is the Bellagio water fountains, the Treasure Island Pirates or the exploding volcano at the Mirage; we were impressed at all ages.  Thanks to the magicians, there seem to be more lions and tigers in Las Vegas than Africa.

We played and relaxed (still with the parents, we gatecrashed their pool in the Luxor Hotel a few times).

Our highlight, we went to see "The Illusionary Magic of Rick Thomas".  His show, at the Tropicana, isn't what you'd expect from an afternoon performance geared to families ... it was excellent, entraining all of us at different levels.  The star was Gidon who assisted Rick in an illusion to levitate a show girl.  We were not supposed to take photos, but did and they are below.  It just so happens that 'VEGAS.COM' was reviewing the show.  This is their description of Gidon ...

"Take the trick in which Thomas draws a young boy onstage. After choosing a showgirl to levitate, Thomas tells the boy he must kiss her to wake her up. The boy adamantly refuses (there are, however, many men in the audience willing to take his place). Thomas' response: "You were this close to kissing a showgirl. Bet you'll regret that later."


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